Project Excalibur draws ever closer…

It may not be new news, but tomorrow on 1st November 2012, Citrix release the Tech Preview of the eagerly antisipated “Project Excalibur”, part of Project Avalon.

In Excalibur, Citrix are bringing XenApp and XenDesktop together into one product to unify their desktop offerings.  Gone will be the days of installing XenApp here and XenDesktop there.  You will have one product and you will be able to choose which type of desktop you want – shared hosted or VDI.

It makes a lot of sense really and is something that has been rumoured for a while.  Here is a list of the highlights/features:

  • FlexCast 2.0 for Simple, Unified Service Delivery -IMA will no longer be used for XenApp as the architecture is now based on FMA (FlexCast Management Architecture).  This is the same architecture used for XenDesktop.
  • Reinventing HDX for Mobile and Video – These enhancements include significant new upgrades to component technologies like HDX Broadcast, HDX RealTime and HDX MediaStream, delivering powerful H.264 “Super Codec” video compression, advanced multicasting for video playback, 2x faster video frame rate for mobile devices on slow networks, and 10x better bandwidth efficiency for video and rich graphics.
  • New HDX EdgeSight for Real-time Analytics and Service Visibility – Excalibur features new HDX EdgeSight® technology that gives administrators real-time analytics on the experience of end users, helping them quickly diagnose and solve problems.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 – Excalibur includes support for new Microsoft platforms like Windows Server 2012, as well as earlier versions like Windows Server 2008, R2.  You will also have the ability to deploy virtual desktops for all currently supported Microsoft Windows clients – Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to download the Tech Preview and in the coming days will hopefully be able to bring you my first impressions of Excalibur on both Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 platforms.

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts!



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