Cannot edit Citrix Policies after upgrading to XenDesktop 5.5

Whilst on a customer’s site, investigating various XenDesktop problems, I came across an issue caused by upgrading XenDesktop 5 to XenDesktop 5.5.  The issue also exists if you upgrade from XD 5 SP1 to XD 5.5.

 When you try to save a Citrix Policy in Desktop Studio, either editing an existing policy or applying a new policy, you get the following error messages: 

Fig 1. Saving a new policy
Fig 2. Saving an edited policy

As a workaround you can create policies within Active Directory but let us look at fixing the issue.

This issue and the above error messages is due to the fact that when you update XenDesktop, you also need to update the Citrix Group Policy Management component as well.  Luckily, this is simple and the MSI can be found on the XenDesktop 5.5 media.  Once this MSI was installed, the errors no longer occurred.

The MSI is available in both x86 and x64 depending on what OS you have installed Desktop Studio on and are found in the following locations on the XenDesktop 5.5 media:

 …XenDesktop\x86\Citrix Policy\CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x86.msi

…\XenDesktop\x64\Citrix Policy\CitrixGroupPolicyManagement_x64.msi

I hope this helps someone.


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